Help Me Name a New PDF Line!

So, I am looking to name a new line of PDFs. So far I have the monster focus line and the favor terrain line, but now I am looking to do a line of PDF’s let’s focus on rules. That is where you come in. help me name as PDF line and if I pick your suggestion, I’ll send you the first one for free. Remember this line focuses on new rules systems like a system of new ability scores or a new system of critical hits. Leave your idea in the comments of this post. I will pick a winner this coming Monday at midnight PST.

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42 Responses to Help Me Name a New PDF Line!

  1. Matthew Starch says:

    Alternate Routes

  2. Mike Frohlich says:

    How about “Rule Zero”?

  3. Damien Titchener says:

    Alternative Options

    This just popped into my head straight away :)

  4. ken outen says:

    Favored Options

  5. Kevin Reynolds says:

    Judge’s Gavel
    Just Desserts
    In the Fold

    I can do this (poorly) all day!

  6. Alexandre Galliano says:

    I like Game Mastery.
    Or System Focus.

  7. W. Frazier says:

    If you want minotaur themed names…

    Labyrinthine Rules.
    Minotaur Charges.
    Minotaur Minutes.
    Rules for the Maze.
    Rules of the Maze.

  8. Owen Stephens says:

    Appendix X
    System Mastery
    GM Screed
    The Path Less Taken
    Rules from the Multiverse

  9. David Taylor says:

    I would like to humbly suggest,

    “Bull’s Laws”

  10. Mark Brown says:

    Preferable Playstyles
    Different Dimensions
    Change Up!
    The great Change Up!
    Differential Treatment
    Rule of Thumb
    Chance Ideas
    From the Mind of the Minotaur

  11. Brian N says:

    System Swap
    From the Mind Maze
    Design Different

  12. David Jack says:

    From Book to Table.
    Road to Imagination.
    Road to Adventure.
    elucidation of Rules.
    Illumination & Enlightenment.

    Or any mix of the above?

  13. Malcolm N says:

    Rules as Intended

  14. Michael Cessna says:

    Rules Re-envisioned
    Rules Revised
    Reinventing the Wheel

  15. Kenny Knight says:

    Extreme Rules
    Nine Secrets of the Ninja
    Elite Options

  16. Mike says:

    Multiple Choice: Optional Rules Systems

  17. Kyle Johnson says:

    Libris Regere
    The Guideline Grimoire
    Rules Exposed
    The Tome of Tenets
    Tome of Conventions

  18. Shawn Gorman says:

    Code of Conduct
    Favored Class(for class specific rules)
    Check This! (For alternate skill check rules)
    Improved Critical (for special critical rules)
    System Shock (overall line of system rule books)

  19. Oliver von Spreckelsen says:

    Rules & Regulations

  20. Ben W says:

    The Minotaur Rules

  21. Russel McConnell says:

    Theory of Character Layout: The Bull Sheet
    Taking Rules by the Horns
    Half-breed Racial Rules: How to Make a Minotaur
    Campaign Design: Labyrinth Logic

  22. Daniel States says:

    Labyrinth Tricks

  23. Will Johnson says:

    Daedalus’ Blueprints

  24. Drew Long says:

    Codex Alternum
    Gm’s Lair: House rules
    Libram Dictum
    Possibility Packs
    House Rules: Free parking and other such nonsense

  25. Guy Fox says:

    how about “Magnum Mechanics” ?

  26. Darran Caldemeyer says:

    Beyond the Maze
    Side Bar Systems
    GM Rules Reform

  27. A set of rules for progressive item improvement. Many characters start off with their “family weapon” only to feel as if they’re forced to trade it in when it comes time to improve to a magical weapon. It would be awesome if a system was created to allow players to have their favorite weapon improve as they leveled up.

    I feel it’s high time that we introduce a mana system into the world of 3.5 OGL/PFRPG, rules for incorporating mana points into the game would be fantastic.

    Monsters with a shadow theme, there are plenty of undead, goblinoids, etc etc. Monsters from the lowest CR to the highest with ideas for campaigns that play off the theme of Shadow Plane encroachment would be a lot of fun.

  28. Pasquale Camuso says:

    enhanced rules
    rules footprint

  29. Seiji Nakatani says:

    Illuminated Mechanics

  30. Neil Spicer says:

    Rules By The Horns?
    Horning in on the Rules?
    Running of the Rules (a la Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain)?


  31. Bamf Royal says:

    I would like to see rules for:
    – an alternate spell system
    – a true Dragon race for player
    – progressive item improvement
    – rituals or cooperative magic for all (spell users or not)

  32. Marshall Gatten says:

    Volatile Variations

  33. Brad says:

    The Bull’s Bookshelf?

  34. Tony Ridlon says:

    Into the Labyrinth
    The Way of Horn and Claw
    House of Rules

  35. Robert Beasley says:

    I like a lot of these but I say stick with simplicity.

    – Rules Lawyer

    Also, if you want to stick with your company’s theme then I say shoot for

    – Bull’s Rules

    Something like that.

  36. Tim Wallace says:

    Challenging Precedents
    Newfangled Formulas
    Reexamining Rules

  37. Todd Johnston says:

    No Bul Man


    No Bull

  38. Anne Bennett says:

    Rules Wrangling

  39. Tony RAbiola says:

    Nuts & Bolts
    Cogs & Pegs (more reflective of the genre)

  40. Theo Stern says:

    Minotaur Crunch

  41. Dave Benson says:

    Rules to Play By
    Not Your Grandma’s Rules!
    Taking the Bull by the Horns!

  42. Cyrusduane says:

    Title : The Portable Brew
    Product Line Logo: Dice next to a foamy mug.

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