I know a good idea when I see one…

I pick up a lot of games, my shelves are literally packed with rulebooks, supplements, modules, and other accessories from a veritable mountain of systems. I consider it part of my job as a game designer, to be familiar with the various systems that are out there, to see what works and what could use some work.

Just this Gencon, I picked up the core rulebooks for seven different systems, including 13th Age and Numenera (both of which look excellent), along with one dice game, two card games, and miniatures game. Each one has something to teach me, has some new, interesting way of doing things. I like to take those rules nuggets and store them away for future use. Not to copy wholesale, but to use as inspiration.

So, why am I telling you all this? As a primer to announce the next new PDF from Minotaur Games of course.

I’ve always like the rules for minions. They are an elegant way for a GM to inflate the number of monsters on the table without overly complicating the combat. Their stats are simple, their turns are easy, and they are removed from the table by a simple action or two, allowing the PCs to move on to the villain, surrounded by henchmen. So, as really more of a rules experiment than anything, the next PDF from Minotaur Games will be Rule Zero: Underlings!

Rule Zero Underlings Logo

Coming Next Week!

This PDF will give you everything you need to add lesser henchmen to your game. Want to surround the goblin king with 20 screaming goblin flunkies? How about a fight against a horde of degenerate trolls? Does your lich need an entire phalanx of crypt ghouls? These rules will give you the tools you need to add a big fight to your game, without having it bog down to a 4 hour grind.

I am hoping to get Rule Zero: Underlings into your hands next week! Look for more news here or on one of my Facebook pages!

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  1. Paul Record says:

    Mooks, minions and underlings! Looking forward to this one!

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