Rule Zero: Underlings goes on Sale Today!

Rule Zero Underlings CoverYes Master! Whatever you want Master! Of course I can go sweep the floors of the fourth level of your glorious dungeon, and yes, I will feed your pet gelatinous cube. Where do I find the food? Why are you looking at me that way… master?!?

Underlings, minions, boot-licks: every good villain needs them. Planning world-wide conquest leaves little time for trivial details. But when the horde of lesser servants ends up facing off against the heroes, the results are often a long, drawn out fight of attrition. Rule Zero: Underlings presents a new way of doing things, giving you a simple underling stat block that you can customize to your campaign. Easy to run in combat, easy to dispatch by the heroes, these underlings make for the perfect speed-bump before moving on to the real villains. Most importantly, you can have a fight with over a dozen of these monsters and the combat still runs smooth and quickly.

Rule Zero: Underlings is now available from the following retailers!

10-Page PDF • $2.99 • PaizoDriveThru RPGNow ShopD20

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