Gem Magic is Coming

RZGM LogoThe wait is nearly over. Its taken me far longer than I originally estimated, but I think you will find the delay well worth it. Rule Zero: Gem Magic will release next week and it is the most ambitious PDF from the Minotaur to date!

This hefty PDF will come it at 16 pages (maybe one or two more depending on art placement) and it will include everything you need to add gem magic to your game, from crafting rules to the gems themselves. These new magic items can be attached to existing items, granting the wearer (or wielder) additional powers depending on the quality and type of the gem and the item to which it is attached. Grand total, there are 25 types of gems in the PDF, each with four different levels of quality. Each individual gem also has four different effects, depending on the item to which the gem is attached. All told, there are 100 new magic items in this PDF (with a total of 400 unique effects)! Take a look at this sample gemstone:

Ruby Shard

Armor: The armor is hot to the touch and any metal parts seem to glow faintly in darkness (as a candle). The wearer gains resist cold 5.
Weapon: The weapon’s metal pieces glow with an inner light (as a candle). The weapon deals 1d4 points of fire damage on a hit. This damage is not doubled on a critical hit. If the weapon is a flaming weapon, this gemstone instead increases the fire damage dealt on a hit to 1d10.
Staff: The staff can be used to cast fireball, consuming 2 charges from the staff.
Other: Once per day, whenever the wearer catches on fire, he can extinguish the fire as a swift action without needing to make a saving throw or other check.

There are 100 entries like this one in the PDF, four for each type of gemstone! I am really excited to get this PDF into your hands. Check back here early next week for the announcement when it becomes available.

Jason Bulmahn
Lost in the Maze, but I found an awesome gem!

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3 Responses to Gem Magic is Coming

  1. Derek B says:

    These remind me of the weapon and armor crystals from 3.5 Magic Item Compendium, and I’m so happy to see these. Even better is that they’re much more universal.

    I’m assuming that only one gem can be placed on an item at any given time, but at 1.5 cost as per the customizing magic item rules, you should still be able to combine the powers of other gems into one, should you not?

    Definitely planning on buying this, and adding it to my MG collection.

  2. Actually the rules are a bit different from that and the number of gems you can put into the item can vary. There is a cost upcharge for universal nature of the gems, but it balances out well. This gem costs 8,000 gp.

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