Gem Magic Is Here!

RZ Gem Magic CoverAfter weeks of carefully cutting each gem and polishing it to perfection, Rule Zero: Gem Magic is finally here! This mighty 16-page PDF is the largest ever to escape the maze and it is packed full of useful and powerful magic items for you game.

Gem Magic allows you to attach magic gemstones to other magic items to enhance their powers and abilities. Each type of gem has four different grades, from tiny chips to flawless jewels and each grade grants different abilities depending on the item it is attached to. All told, this PDF contains 100 magic gems with 400 possible magic effects! You can learn more on the product page (or check out a sample from last week’s blog).

Gem Magic should be appearing today at the following fine retailers! (The links will be created as the PDF becomes available on each site)

16-page PDF • $4.99 • PaizoDriveThruRPG RPGNow ShopD20

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