Welcome to the Maze!

MinotaurRPG.com is the home of Minotaur Games, publisher of expertly crafted rules and story content for your fantasy roleplaying game. Written by Jason Bulmahn, designer of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, you can be sure that the content of every Minotaur Games product will fit seamlessly into your game!

On this site you will find descriptions of every Minotaur Games product and handy links to online retailers that carry them. You will also find a complete rules index that summarizes the content from every PDF so that you can easily find the rule that you need. To get you started, let me give you a brief tour of the site (or the Maze, as I like to call it).

  • Home: This is where you will find the Minotaur Blog. In the coming weeks and months, expect to see news about upcoming products, art previews, interview links, and maybe even a few free offers, contests, and discounts.
  • Monster Focus: This path will lead you to descriptions of all of the Monster Focus PDFs. Each one of these products explores one monster in detail, giving players and Game Masters a variety of feats, alchemical items, spells, magic items, adventure hooks, and even new monster variants.
  • Favored Terrain: Wandering down this tab will lead you to descriptions of every one of the Favored Terrain PDFs. These handy Game Master tools detail one iconic location that you can add to your campaign. Each product contains a map, a description of NPCs, goods and services, and a mountain of adventure hooks. If you need a richly detailed location, Favored Terrain has got you covered.
  • Rules Index: Summarizing every feat, spell, magic item, NPC, and monster from every Minotaur Games PDF, this index should help you find exactly the content you need for your game.
  • Contact: Got an idea, feedback about a product, or just want to talk to Minotaur Games, you can contact the Minotaur right here.

So feel free to get lost in the maze. Leave some scrawled notes for others, maybe one of you will find your way out!

Jason Bulmahn

Minotaur Games