Of Playtests, Holidays, and Lost Time

Its been quite a while since I’ve updated this page or released a PDF. For those of you following the Minotaur, I know how frustrating that can be. Unfortunately, life has just been in the way over the past few months, but with the new year, I am hoping to get back on schedule.

As it turns out, running a playtest and really be a drain on your time and the holidays did not help my productivity over much. I hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year. But that is all the past, lets talk about what is coming up in 2014. I’ve got some PDFs in the hopper, including a new Rule Zero focusing on Guilds, a new line of Monster Focus, looking at creatures of a type other than undead, and with some luck, a small Campaign Setting.

I’m also excited to announce that I have been working on a card game, one that I hope to publish using DriveThru’s Card Print on Demand service. The game has already gone through a few playtests and it is starting to shape up nicely. Its probably going to be a few months before it is ready, but I am hoping to have it ready for sale in early spring.

I also continue to tinker with rules for my own use of course, and for being so patient with me, I thought I would share a new system that takes the place of Hero Points in my game. Here are the rules for Hero Dice! Enjoy!

Hero Dice

Rules V1.0 – 1/6/14
What you need: A set of 7 polyhedral dice for each player (a different color for each), a set of polyhedral dice for the GM (suggested set of 10), and an opaque cloth bag to serve as the BAG OF HEROES!

Player Rules

Each player receives one set of seven (7) polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20) of a unique color or style than the other players. These are the player’s dice pool.

Dice can be used to boost rolls or reroll, depending on the type of die used.
– d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 can be used to add to the result of any d20-based roll or check. The decision to use the die in this way must be made before the results of the roll are revealed.
– d20 can be used to reroll any one d20-based roll or check. The decision to use the die in this way can be made after the results of the roll are revealed, but it must be made before the effects are applied.
– d% die can be used in place of any other die currently in the player’s possession. If a player has no other dice in his possession, this die cannot be used.

Once a die has been used, it is given to the GM and set aside until the end of the game.

GM Rules

At the end of the game, the GM counts up the total number of dice spend during the session and then takes all the dice spent and places them in the BAG OF HEROES!

The GM then draws out a number of dice, at random, from the BAG OF HEROES and returns them to the player with the corresponding dice set. The number of dice drawn is equal to 1/2 the number of dice spent (minimum 1).

In addition to player dice, the BAG OF HEROES also contains Black GM dice. When these are drawn, they are added to the GM’s dice pool. These dice can be spent in the same manner as above, or they can be used to negate a player die of the same type. Black dice count as two (2) dice at the end of the session when determining how many dice are drawn from the BAG OF HEROES.

The GM can also award additional dice at the completion of major points in the story or for particularly fun and engaging play. These bonus dice should be drawn until the entire allotment is made up of player dice. All GM dice should be returned to the bag.

Well, that about wraps up this update. Thanks again for sticking with Minotaur Games. I am looking forward to 2014 and I hope you are too.

Good luck escaping the maze.

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games

Underlings Bonus PDF!

Rule Zero Underlings BonusRule Zero: Underlings is #1 on the Paizo list of PDFs from other publishers for the second straight week! This is the first time Minotaur Games has pulled off this difficult feat and I felt I should give thanks to all the folks who have supported the minotaur!

Over the weekend, I put together a small “gift” for those of you who picked up Rule Zero: Underlings! It’s an entire PDF of bonus material and you can have it for free! Just click on the following link: Rule Zero Underlings Bonus

So, enjoy the bonus material and thanks again for supporting the Minotaur!

Conclave Crudacious

The deadly plague, known to scholars and priests, has the ability to spread through gatherings like a hungry flame. More often than not, the symptoms do not appear until it is far too late and most of the gathering is infected. Known as Conclave Crudacious (or ConCrud for short), this plague is different than most in that it can spread simply by contact and those that contract it become contagious during the incubation period. Although not usually deadly, Conclave Crudacious can cause entire groups to fall ill for days at a time.

Conclave Crudacious
Type disease, contact; Save Fortitude DC 16
Onset 1d2 days; Frequency 1/day
Effect 1d2 Con damage, those affected can spread the disease through contact 2d4 hours after contracting Conclave Crudacious; Cure 2 consecutive saves.

I am feeling much better now. Just made that second consecutive save, now I just need to heal up the Con damage. Enjoy!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! I am heading out to Paizocon tomorrow, so it will be all quiet here for a few days, but I wanted to leave you with a little something to play with over this holiday weekend.

New Fireworks

While all of these fireworks can be used to put on an impressive aerial display, crafty players (and some monsters) will no doubt turn them into weapons.

Sparkle Stick: This small wooden stick looks similar to a wand, with one end covered in a strange, metallic substance. A sparkles stick can be lit as a standard action, after which it burns for one minute, emitting a shower of sparks. A sparkle stick can be used to make a melee touch attack that deals 1 point of fire damage and dazzles the target for 1d4 rounds. A DC 11 Fortitude save reduces the dazzle to just 1 round. Cost 1 gp; Craft Alchemy DC 15.Firework

Whistle Rocket: When lit, this tiny rocket flies off, emitting a loud whistling noise. It can be used as a ranged touch attack, with a range increment of 20 feet. If the rocket hits a creature, it deals 1d3 points of fire damage and deafens the creature for 1d4 rounds. A DC 13 Fortitude save reduces the deafened condition to 1 round. If fired into the air, the noise made by this rocket can be easily heard in a 1 mile radius. Cost 5 gp; Craft Alchemy DC 20.

Big Boom: This large rocket must be set up in a custom tripod before it can be fired, which takes 1 minute. When lit, the rocket launches 1d4 rounds later. If fired into the air, it explodes after 1d4 rounds, creating an impressive blast of sparkling light and tremendous noise. The rocket cannot be used to target a creature, but it can be fired at a location. Treat this as a thrown splash weapon, with a range increment of 20 feet. When the rocket lands, it explodes, dealing 4d6 fire damage to all creatures in a 30-foot burst. Creatures in the area are also blinded and deafened for 1d4 rounds. A DC 14 Reflex save halves the damage and reduces the blindness and deafness to just 1 round. Cost 100 gp; Craft Alchemy DC 25.

Bonus Rules: Liches

Most of the time when I am putting together a PDF, one or more ideas gets left out. Occassionally these ideas get cut toward the end of the process when I am trying to get all of the content to fit into my 6-page layout. Well, not being one for wasting a good idea, I present them to you as a bonus. Check out this magic item that got cut from Monster Focus: Liches!


Phylactery of the Priest

Aura strong varied; CL 13th
Slot headband; Price 140,000 gp; Weight
This platinum phylactery is inscribed with the holy symbol of the goddess of death. The wearer of this phylactery gains spell resistance 18, a +4 profane bonus on Will saves made to reduce damage caused by channel energy, and a +3 deflection bonus to AC. In addition, this phylactery grants a +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom and Charisma. Finally, whenever the wearer of this phylactery uses channel negative energy to harm living creatures, the amount of damage is increased by 50%. A lich can use this item as its phylactery by spending an additional 50,000 gp for its construction.
Construction Craft Wondrous Item, Improved Channel, channel protection, spell resistance; Cost 70,000 gp

Monster Focus: Liches is available now!

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