Favored Terrain

Every Game Master is short on time. There are adventures to write, monsters to stat up, and gruesome deaths to plot out. Fortunately, the Favored Terrain Line is here to give you detailed locations to drop into your game, giving your PCs a place to go when they are not in the dungeon.

Each PDF in this line includes everything to need to run each iconic location, from a map with detailed notes on each area, to a complete description of the staff and recurring NPCs. Each product also includes a list of goods and services, and a bunch of adventure hooks to get the action started.


Favored Terrain: Crossroads InnCrossroads Inn Cover

Traveling in the wilderness can be tough, and there is no greater respite than the welcoming beds of the Crossroads Inn. Easily placed at the intersection of any two trails, this tavern and inn is perfect for characters on their way to adventure! This PDF includes a map of the inn, complete menu and services, a description of the staff and NPC regulars, and 5 adventure hooks! Learn More!

6-page PDF • $1.99 • PaizoDriveThruRPGRPGNowShopD20


FT Lucky Dragon Cover

Favored Terrain: Lucky Dragon

Try your luck at the Lucky Dragon gambling hall. Adventurers are renowned for their lust for thrills and the Lucky Dragon provides them with a way to turn their hard-earned loot into a fortune. This PDF includes a map of the Lucky Dragon, a description of the staff and gamblers, as well as a brand NEW dice game you can use at the table! Learn More!

7-page PDF • $1.99 • PaizoDriveThruRPGRPGNowShopD20


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